2 College Acceptance Letters, Waiting on 2 More!

Our oldest, Antonio has been really kicking butt the end of last year and already this year! He has taken his ACT back in December, received a spot in New Mexico’s All State band, which features the best of the best of band kids in the entire state of New Mexico, Honor Band of New Mexico and received a spot on the Guardians, of Drum Corp International.

So far he’s received a yes from the University of New Mexico, and today we got a package from Eastern New Mexico. Eastern New Mexico’s package was pretty inclusive. They already are giving him information as to how to set up a student email account! Paying for college is extremely important for our family. Here in New Mexico, there is a state lottery scholarship for all resident students of New Mexico. But here’s the catch: the state will pay for seven semesters, after 15 credit hours have been completed with a GPA of at least a 2.5. One of the civilian guys that works with my husband was not aware of how the lottery system works here and was unexpectedly hit with a bill for his daughters first semester of college.

This story of my husband’s co-worker got my mind going. Now is a good a time as ever to find out exactly what I need to do to prepare! The FASFA has already been filed out and accepted as of Thanksgiving weekend. Luckily for us, we are eligible for financial aid. It won’t be enough to cover the entire bill, even though the meal plan, dorm and tuition for the semester at Eastern New Mexico is a little over $6,000, any extra assistance is helpful. When I called the financial aid department at Eastern New Mexico I was informed of a “bridge scholarship” to help cover the cost until the actual lottery scholarship kicks in.

Now that I have all my information for Eastern New Mexico, I should dig a bit deeper into the University of New Mexico. Antonio has a major decision to make within the next month or so, and us parents have a lot of nickels to fill the crack to make sure his first year goes off without a hitch. How is your senior coming along so far? I feel confident for my senior in the fact that we have prepared, and hopefully will have everything set up and ready to go once he graduates! No parent wants to feel like a headless chicken attempting to get their child in school and paid for before the Fall semester begins! Time to get to work!!!