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Today has been a very excited day! Not just because dinner was placed in the oven early, nor the fact that the kids were able to keep the kitchen clean all day, or the fact Elijah’s family pumpkin project was complete before naptime!

I’m excited because my wonderful magazine has finally launched today!!! If you love reading my blog, you will love the magazine. We are featuring articles that discuss topics such as: Toddlers and Babies, Teens and Tweens, Self Care, Military Families, Working Homemakers, and an advice column!

There is still much to day today even though dinner is practically done. I still need to make cornbread, iron the kids clothes for the week, clean the bathrooms, tot school, and light laundry. I hope you all have gotten your week figured out and the family’s schedule figured out. Don’t forget to check the kid’s lunch account balances and check those backpacks for forgotten assignments!

After everything has been done, and the house has shut down and you’re ready to relax for the night, be sure to purchase your copy of The Pampered Homemaker Magazine! Please click the link at the tip of the page for direct access to subscription options.